Open Positions


Walk with infectious Energy

We love what we do. So much so that it reflects in the way we talk and the way we walk.

Over Communicate

The biggest problem in communication is the illusion of it. We say the obvious even when it's obvious.

Be obsessed about availability

If we are not around, we tell it to the team again and again. Clarity of availability leads to better planning.

Be in-offensively honest

There's always a better way to criticise, and a much nicer way to give feedback. First think, then speak.

Size matters not

Everyone here has an equal say irrespective of our roles, seniority or how loud we speak.

Respect the clock

Time is always of the essense. We strive to plan our time down to the minute and stick to it.


Personal Growth

We are growing and so should you. At Mech Mocha, we help you grow through multiple initiatives including ‘Friday Power Session’ – a weekly event where internal/external speakers share their learnings/insights with rest of the team and weekly sketching session where artists do life sketching in our office premises.

Unlimited library budget

Books, e-books, workshops in the city, events across the country or online courses – our library budget expands to fit your urge to learn. Aditya & Shilp are strong advocates of reading books while few others fast forward coursera courses and make it happen.

Pet & Kid Friendly

We are crazy pets and kids lovers. We encourage our team to bring their pets to office and we ensure we have a care-taker to for them & take them on walks. We are willing to go an extra mile to support you if you want to bring your kids to work.

Lots of food

Mohit and Shilp are disproportionately passionate about food. We build cakes out of brownies because why not. We add desi bhujiya to ramen coz ‘bhujiya makes everything better’. We party any random day because cravings can’t be scheduled on calendars.